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Space Dog Pinata $75

Handmade piñatas featuring three dogs from the Soviet Space program—Laika, Belka, & Strelka.

Each papier-mâché piñata comes filled with an assortment of candy and novelties including Blow Pops, Sugar Babies, Super Bubble, Tear Jerkers, Zip-A-Dee Mini Pops, Sugar Mama Caramels, a yo-yo, and a miniature plastic dog. A miniature papier-mâché Saturn and a tiny Sputnik space capsule flank each side of the space dog.

During the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet Union used a number of dogs for suborbital and orbital space flights to determine whether spaceflight was viable. On November 3, 1957, Laika (Barker in Russian) was the first animal launched into orbit. Laika had been a stray, rounded up from the streets of Moscow and trained for spaceflight. She reached orbit at an altitude of nearly 2,000 miles above Earth (sadly, she did not survive the full journey). On August 19, 1960, Belka (Whitey in Russian) and Strelka (Little Arrow) spent a day in space aboard Sputnik 5 before safely returning to earth becoming the first living animals to survive orbital flight.

Measures 24" high x 12" wide x 5" deep. Handmade in the U.S.A.

Available in RED (Laika), BLUE (Belka), and GREEN (Strelka). SOLD OUT

Special thanks to my best buddy Jago (who just turned 3) and the photographer Matt Low for a great photo shoot in Central Park

Space Dog Pinata

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