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Suede Roll Up Backgammon $240

The soft suede body allows the backgammon set to be rolled for easy storage. Two snaps provide secure closure.

The game board features leather points in alternating colors and an interior zippered sleeve to hold dice and discs. Set includes: two sets of discs, black and white sets of rolling dice, and a custom wagering die.

Rolled prior to playing, the black wagering die decides what's at stake for the loser (in the form of a mild punishment). The sides of the wagering die read (DEAD ARM, NOOGIE, WET WILLY, DUTCH RUB, SNAKE BITE, & PURPLE NURPLE).

Available in cranberry red and navy suede.

Measures 13.5"x11.5" (unrolled)

Cranberry Red and Navy (temporarily sold out)

Suede Roll Up Backgammon

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