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(To/From) BEST WISHES card $15

BEST WISHES is a card you can send someone to say Happy Holidays, Congratulations, Thank You, or simply Hello. The cover is letter pressed with an area to hand write To/From and the interior pages of the book are blank, perforated horizontally creating three strips to a page.

BEST WISHES offers you (or the person you send it to) the chance to make a wish.

Tear off a single horizontal strip of paper from the perforated page. Write your wish onto the slip of paper, fold the paper accordion style, place on a small heat-proof container, light it, then blow out the flame and it will burn slowly to release your wish. Use anytime you want to throw out a little positive energy into the universe.

The interior pages of the book are made using a special salmon colored blotter paper containing all natural ingredients extracted from the styrax benzoin tree, reported to contain properties that drive away negative energies and promote well-being.

Other chances to make a wish are listed on the interior back cover—shooting stars, birthday candles, words spoken simultaneously, eyelashes, dandelions, coins in a fountain, 11:11, white horses, ladybugs, necklace clasps, wishbones, snowflakes, two ravens, three sneezes, nine peas in a pod, crescent moon, falling acorns, new shoes, new moon, touch blue, first robin of spring, crow flying, grain of corn, hay wagon, freight train, cross a bridge, enter a house, sleep in a new bed, untangle your hair, find a pin, put on a ring, drop a comb, spot a bluebird, redbird, or a lone turkey-buzzard.

Back cover illustration by Jason Polan.

Measures 2 1/4" x 3", interior pages consist of 12 sheets containing a total of 36 individual horizontal strips, comes with a Strathmore A1 envelope. Made in the U.S.A. Do not leave a strip of paper burning unattended and please keep this product safe from children.

(To/From) BEST WISHES card

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