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Conde Nast Traveler

Travel Wallet featured in Conde Nast Traveler's piece on stylish passports

Of a Kind shave kit/temporary tattoos

Exclusive shave kit and set of temporary tattoos for Of a Kind

TImberland photoshoot

Photo shoot for Timberland

Hypebeast Essentials

Hypebeast feature

Penny Surfing Event

Penny Surfing event with Jason Polan


Travel Wallet in Esquire

HUGE (June issue)

Featured in cover article for Japanese magazine HUGE

GQ interview

Interview with GQ

National Young Farmers’ Coalition

We were pleased to provide the National Young Farmers’ Coalition a Natural Canvas Tote for their recent fundraiser. We applaud their efforts to support beginning farmers and ranchers by building a national network of local young farmer chapters that share resources and collectively organize. For more information on their work visit them at

Handful of Salt Holiday Gift Guide

Suede Roll-up Backgammon featured in Handful of Salt's Holiday Gift Guide

Article in Houyhnhnm

Feature on the brand in Japanese publication Houyhnhnm

NY Times (T Magazine)

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, the Manhattan-based designer Matt Singer has rendered Laika (shown here), along with successor space dogs Belka and Strelka — who went up together in the Sputnik 5 and survived — in papier-mâché.

HUGE magazine (June issue)

Brand profile in the Japanese magazine HUGE

Askov Finlayson in Minneapolis

Askov Finlayson is now carrying our shirts! 200 North 1st Street


Matt Singer's line of simple, everyday items is a collection of seriously well-thought-out essentials for guys and gals alike that are meant to last for the long haul. After cutting his teeth at Jack Spade for nine years, curating his own selection of shirting and bags has been a natural progression and one that's given birth to a great backpack, above. Teaming up with Rivendell Mountain Works, Singer has created a limited edition bag that's roomy enough for your gym stuff or an overnight stay. Even better, the backpack benefits MillionTreesNYC, an NYC-based initiative the plants and cares for one million trees in the city's five boroughs. So if you're in the market for a stylish throwback-style backpack, and want to a little good while you're at it, this is the one for you.

Contemporary Standard

"Un milione di alberi è un obiettivo ambizioso, anche per una città come New York dove quasi tutto è possibile. Il designer Matt Singer ha realizzato in collaborazione con Rivendell Mountain Works uno zaino in edizione limitata per sostenere Million Trees NYC, iniziativa che si pone l’obiettivo di ripopolare la flora di NYC e dei 5 boroughs. Cordura® e tessuto 1000 Denier impreziositi da dettagli in pelle e la toppa Million Trees NYC, ispirata a quelle che il designer collezionava durante le vacanze in montagna con la famiglia. In vendita sul sito di Matt, una percentuale dei proventi andrà devoluta al progetto di riforestazione della Grande Mela."

NYLON Magazine

It’s hard to resist a bag this good-looking, especially when it’s for a terrific cause. Proceeds from the sale of this backpack ($225) go to benefit Million Trees NYC.

Cool Hunting

With a solid repertoire of collaborations and accessories under his belt, designer Matt Singer is now using his creativity for good. For his latest venture, he has teamed up with the recently revived Rivendell Mountain Works on a limited-edition backpack benefitting the Million Trees NYC initiative.

The Scout Magazine

Coverage of our backpack collaboration with Rivendell Mountain Works and Million Trees NYC

Foam Magazine

Black and Natural Rope belts featured in Foam Magazine

Time Out Chicago on the Best Wishes book

Ready to send some positive energy out into the universe? This Best Wishes book by designer Matt Singer makes it pretty easy. Write your wish on one of the book’s blank slips of paper, fold the paper accordion style and place it on a small heat-proof container. Then you light the paper, blow out the flame and watch it slowly burn as it releases your wish. And you thought burning books was bad.


My recommendation for favorite hidden retail shop in NYC (Dexter Sinister)

Cool Hunting Gift Guide

The Best Wishes card featured in Cool Hunting's 2011 Gift Guide

Mono issue No 8 Features Plaid shirt

Mono issue No 8 Features Plaid shirt

Men's Health December Gift Guide

Men's Health December Gift Guide

Playlist for Of A Kind

20 song playlist to support limited edition set of leather lighter covers for Of A Kind

Cool Hunting on Leather Lighter Covers

Leather Lighter covers on Cool Hunting

Colette now carrying Best Wishes card

Colette (203 rue Saint-Honoré) is now carrying the Best Wishes card

Now available at Barneys

My shirts, bags, and assorted accessories, along with a selection of vintage watches and objects, are now available at Barneys, 4th Floor Madison Avenue between 60th & 61st

Print Magazine article on Superhero Fashion Show

826NYC asked the designers to provide their superheroes with names and a brief description of their super powers and abilities and asked some of the children who frequent the writing center to provide their thoughts on these new superhero creations, the descriptions were read aloud as the costumes were auctioned off. SEMIPRECIOUS by Renata Morales "What the cow? What the-- What's this? It looks like a ghost zombie. " (Ivan, 7 years old) See full article,

NY Times piece on Superhero Fashion Show

NY Times coverage of the Superhero Fashion Show Benefit held Monday, October 24th at the Ace Hotel

Details (Sept. issue) featuring Red/Blue striped shirt

Red/Blue striped button down shirt featured in Details (September issue)

Leather Lighters on Mister Mort

"I detest how people 'these days' say 'my friend' or my good friend when they don't even know the person. Matt Singer is a friend. I had the privilege of working with him at JACK SPADE. I was first introduced to Reynspooner from Matt and I'm sure a few other good things. His collection is pretty rad. Here you see just a smidgen of his flavour. Leather lighter covers in cheetah, dalmatian, and tie-dye prints & a version in brown lizard, each comes with mini Bic lighter".

Beaded Keychains in Selectism

Red, Navy, and Turquoise beaded keychains featured in Selectism

Article on Herman Miller website

What do you listen to while you work? I like to make playlists in iTunes; normally I put one on and let it go. I recently introduced a canvas shave kit that comes with a custom comb imprinted CUT THAT HAIR YOU HIPPIE and a book of illustrations of my favorite NYC barbershops, so I made a playlist about hair: Long Haired Child—Devendra Banhart; Cut Your Hair—Pavement; Love Plus One—Haircut 100; Hairy Trees—Goldfrapp; Hairdresser of Fire—Morrissey; Whip My Hair—Willow Smith; 
Almost Cut My Hair—Crosby Stills Nash; German Haircut—Flying Lotus; Black Haired Girl—Sebadoh; Don’t Cut Your Hair—The Pretenders; Cut and Run—Electrelane; Cutting It Up—Wu Tang.

Handlebar Magazine article

“I try to celebrate the craft and the tradition of how things are made and share as much as I can about what materials and manufacturing I use,” he says. “You have to do things in a way that resonates with you. And I think that if you do that and you’re honest in your conviction, people will see that and respond to your work.” People are certainly responding to Singer’s work. He beams while describing a thank-you note from one of his customers—the ultimate signifier of success for a man who wants nothing more than to make something, whether it’s a bag or a backgammon set, that “could become somebody’s favorite.”

Handmade Bracelet in Valet

It's clear that this is the summer of bracelets. And you can't get more traditional than the classic white sailor's knot bracelet. But designer Matt Singer has a talent for twisting the traditional into something more modern and unique, so his version of the timeless Turk's head bracelet is black—but it won't stay like that for long. Dyed with natural vegetable dye, the bracelet is made to slowly fade during the course of the summer, from a jet black to a worn navy blue, not unlike your favorite pair of jeans. What's more, it's so affordable that you won't even mind having to cut it off by the time fall rolls around.


Over time, we've come to realize that a leather-lined, fancypants dopp kit is great for impressing others, but is, perhaps, a bit much when just speeding off to a weekend out of town. Enter Matt Singer's clean, casual toiletries bag. Lined with PVC, you can be sure it won't leak if your conditioner bottle breaks and it has that little bit of extra room most dopp kits seem to be missing. Added patriotic benefits include a mini comb (red), two handles (white), cotton exterior (blue), and a made-in-the-U.S.A guarantee. Best of all, Mr. Signer partnered with illustrator Jason Polan for a flip-book guide to his favorite barbershops titled "CUT YOUR HAIR YOU HIPPIE". Really, does it get more all-American than that?


Article on Shave Kit with custom comb and book of illustrations



Details (25 Days of Gift Guide)

"Not so long ago, Matt Singer, the guy who helped design the Jack Spade bags that infiltrated every stylish man's wardrobe at some point in the past decade, left his gig as the company's creative director to launch his own line. His new pieces are just as high-functioning as the ones he made back then, but they have a certain eye-catching irreverence—especially as the briefcase for men who aren't expected to own one. Plus, it's a sure sign of adulthood if you can carry a canvas bag without worrying about making a mess of it within a week." Details, December 2010

From The Desk Of

Kate Donnelly's project, From Your Desks, presents work spaces of various artists, illustrators, and designers. You can see my incredibly cluttered desk along with a brief Q&A.

Life Magazine Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for the holidays featuring the olive green canvas brief

Cool Hunting Holiday Pop-up Store

Cool Hunting has opened a pop-up shop featuring a fun mix of product from Amy Sedaris, gorgeous pinatas from Confetti Systems, a few Matt Singer items, and much much more. 680 Fifth Avenue (between 53rd and 54th Streets). Friday, November 19 through Sunday, January 2. Mon-Sat 10a-9p, Sun 11a-8p


Navy belt pictured in August issue of Details

Now available at Steven Alan

My button down shirts and canvas bags are now available at Steven Alan, 103 Franklin St. NYC

Silent Auction July 13th at HiFi

Renegade Pencils silent auction on Tuesday July 13th at Hi-Fi, 169 Avenue A @ 11th Street. Renegade Pencils is a group of three friends, Ewan Adams, John Robertson and Jason Koxvold, who are about to hit the road for a six week, 8,000 mile journey from London to Mongolia in an effort to raise $30,000 to build three schools, putting pencils in the hands of children who might not otherwise have had access to an education.


Secret Identity Kit in Esquire


Imprint, a new online design community from Print Magazine, launches today. I am really excited to have been invited to contribute weekly articles. There are a range of authors covering product design, film, photography, illustration, web design, and assorted inspirations.

Business Week

Olive Green canvas weekend bag featured in the June 21st issue of Business Week.

Sundance Channel

Interview with the Sundance Channel

T Magazine

T Magazine profile on Steven Sclaroff features the navy suede backgammon roll up


Short Sleeve Oxford (popover)


Blue oxford button down featured in the April issue of Esquire.

Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine article


How to Dress Like Jaden Smith

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters coverage of the backpack