NY Times (T Magazine)

“There’s a subtle appreciation of space and space exploration that runs through my brand,” said Singer, trying to explain what Soviet space dogs have to do with Cinco de Mayo. “The space dog piñatas were a fun way to share my brand idea with a holiday that I really enjoy.”

The piñatas come prefilled with an assortment of candy and toys. And those things bobbing like fleas (or planets) around each pup’s head? Those are miniature papier-mâché renditions of Saturn and Sputnik. Each dog is dressed in what appears to be a sweater vest (red for Laika, blue for Belka and green for Strelka), but Singer assures T that those are space compression suits. It took the designer a while to perfect his papier-mâché technique to make the dogs appear sufficiently scrappy. Of the three, he says, Laika has the most distinct personality. “Laika was sent up alone. You’re the first one doing this, and you’ve got no one to talk to,” he reflected. “At least Belka and Strelka could be like: ‘Really? This is really going on?’”

The space dogs are available from Singer’s Web site. No refunds if their adorably plaintive faces make it a bit difficult to whack them with a baseball bat.