Matt Singer has made a career of turning everyday items into anything but ordinary. He worked at Jack Spade for nearly a decade, creating serious and frivolous items ranging from high-end bags to ping pong paddle covers. In 2009, Matt developed his eponymous line of shirts, bags, and accessories (belts, bookmarks, pencil cases, travel-sized backgammon sets and more). Matt’s line is refined and quirky, exemplified perfectly in his label design that features the planets and the sun as a tetherball. But that’s not all. His website features these items plus a monthly book section, a collection of short films, and a selection of vintage watches. Read Matt’s 10 ANSWERS below for an instant jolt of style into your morning.

1. How would you describe your work in three words?
Shirts, bags, accessories.

2. Who is your creative role model?
Florent Morellet, Mike Abelson, Lance Acord, Robert Pollard, George Plimpton, Mark Dion, Buckminster Fuller, Paula Rubinstein, Bob Melet

3. If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it?
Spend it reading. I’m currently splitting time between The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy and Simo­n Winchester’s biography of the Atlantic Ocean

4. What place in the world most inspires you and why?
The restaurant at the Magic Castle (Academy of Magical Arts, established in 1963).

5. If you could do a different job for a day what would it be and why?
Personal assistant to Jago Oliver, my 2-year old god-son.

6. What is your favorite homemade gift to give?
Banana bread.

7. What is your favorite object in your home?
Top 3: A Carolyn Salas painting, copy of William Klein’s Mister Freedom, and a small pewter brontosaurus.

8. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Someone once said to me, follow your peace, I’ve always liked that.

9. What websites do you use for inspiration?
Swimming Holes, Openletters, 826nyc, Said the Gramophone, The Drawbridge.

10. When do you consider a piece of your work complete?
It’s difficult, I enjoy obsessing over the details…achieving a certain finish on a zipper pull or how a collar is stitched, there’s always something to make better, it basically ends when I have to move on to the next thing.