CROLEUM by Henry, Age 6

CROLEUM makes death traps. Enough said. What else would you expect from a criminal mastermind?

Do you have any powers? If so, how did you get them?                                                            
I’m really smart. I make death traps. I mutate other people into creatures.

Were you always a villain? What’s your main evil plan?
I’ve always been a villain, and I’m five years old.

Do you have a secret identity?
I wear a lot of good disguises.

What’s your crime total?

Do you have any henchmen or helpers?
I have a lot of armored creatures.

Who is your biggest nemesis?
X-men, Justice League.

Do you have a command center or evil lair?
I have three command centers: a castle, a house hidden behind tall grass, and an abandoned building.

Artwork by Enyu Liu