BEN by Jamie, Age 7

Ben is a superhero of great talent and even greater appetite. He can see through solid objects, shoot webs, and eat ANYTHING (even cars). If you’ve never seen him before, it might be because he can turn invisible and change into over a zillion different things, including sea monsters and every other kind of aquatic creature.

With his sidekick Serok by his side, Ben protects the city of Rettrowville from the evil Stroll. He often uses his ability to crack codes in order to protect the contents of safes before Stroll gets a chance to steal them. Somewhere hidden outside of Rettrowville is Ben and Serok’s rock cave, where they base their crime fighting operations. That is where Ben changes from his secret identity: an ordinary elementary school student.

Every afternoon, Ben dresses in normal clothes to sell candy bars on the subway for $5 each, but the money doesn’t go towards his basketball uniform.  Instead he has put together a dashing red, blue and yellow costume complete with mask, cape, and an impressive array of tools. His cape is extremely unique because it’s made of steel, and Ben can easily wrap himself up in it for protection. He also has a Glore shooter that can catch enemy fire and then shoot it back with ten times its initial strength. Most deadly is the Heiro gun, which forms a huge ball of electricity that can pulverize bad guys.

So he sells candy bars, swallows villains (temporarily), and can munch a building to bits, but what does Ben really like to eat? Vegetables, of course! Ben eats spiros, a vegetable that he has to make for himself that gives him his amazing powers. He knows that good foods create good guys.

Artwork by Kevin Lee