Peter was a wolf. Peter the Wolf’s family told him not to eat lemon chocolate milk. But Peter didn’t listen to his mom, dad, brothers and sisters.

One day, Peter was walking and running in the zoo, where he ate the animals. His belly grew so big it popped. Thanks to his regeneration powers, his stomach grew back. But when it popped, it had created twelve different Maribel Montanas. Maribel Montana is ugly and pretty. She has a nice dress with a bow and super boots with fur and buckles and silver studs.

The people in the zoo ran away from Peter and the Maribel Montanas, but the twelve Maribel Montanas caught them. Peter the Wolf ate all the people and grew and grew for 100 years. Peter became Giant Peter the Wolf and the twelve Maribel Montanas turned into Peter’s family.

One day, Peter came to the zoo and he saw 100 million rabbits. He ate them all and the Maribel Montanas fused together, growing to the size of 1,000 people. Peter realized he was now one giant Maribel Montana.

The people turned on the TV and saw an amazing sight. They saw the giant Maribel Montana stomping her feet on TV. They all flew to Mexico to get away, but it didn’t take her long to find them because she can fly. She flew to fight the villain. She defeated the villain by stomping really fast. Then they ran back to Brooklyn. They were so tired, they died and rose up into the clouds.

Maribel Montana was sad when the people died. She saw them in the clouds. She slept in a flower and made them all alive again. She apologized for not listening to her mom, dad, brothers and sisters.

Artwork by Marie de Courcel