SUPERFLAME by Felix, Age 7

Before he became a hero, Superflame was just a contagious bacteria that lived in a volcano. The bacteria were attracted to sponges and could seep through sponges and into anybody’s hand. Where it went, it left a scar.

One day, two lava rocks collided and the bacteria and ashes spread to a stove in the kitchen in a house. A man was turning off the stove, but the fire was still there. He went to get water but the fire attacked him. It felt like a bite. Then the man felt he was on fire.

The man’s dog and wife were around. His wife screamed so loudly, and she dropped a bowl of pasta. The dog got very scared and jumped out the window. He landed in a soft patch of grass, but some of the flames burned the grass.

The man knew right away that he was on fire, so he told his wife to call the fireman., but she was too scared and in shock. The man tried to call the firefighters himself, but when he touched the phone it burned.

The man pointed at the flame and it formed an arrow pointing that way. He realized he could control the flame.

He started to practice until he ran out of flame. Finally, he decided to fight evil. Luckily, he didn’t burn down his kitchen. Since the flame was on him, it was easy to morph.

Artwork by Darrick Chang