CAMILEALO by Jack, age 6

Camilealo is a superhero with the power to create holograms, as well as the power to shirnk and grow. He uses these powers to work as a top secret spy for high paying clients. He is able to charge such large sums of money for his spying and collection of confidential papers because he is so deceptive. He often creates a hologram of himself and while you think he is in one place he will shrink down and sneak off to spy.

Camilealo’s motto is “Whether he is small or big you always think he’s there.” This motto expresses his strength as a unique and skilled super hero.

There is more than money motivating this powerful superhero. Camilealo fiercely fights against his most evil nemesis—a super villain who desires to mess with the brightness of light and the steady march of time. It is a fight for normalcy that motivates Camilealo. And we owe him thanks for keeping the light and time from being messed with.

Camilealo is a loner. He has never worked with a sidekick and would never entertain the idea of ever having one, even if his job was just to carry his equipment. He thinks that sidekicks are a nuasance and only get in the way or mess things up.

Camilealo’s secret headquarters is located within the New York City drainage system. Because of his ability to shrink and grow, Camilealo is able to enter the drainage system from any drain or gutter by simply shrinking down and climbing in. Once within the network of pipes and drains, Camileao uses blocks pressurized with water to keep others from following him.

Camilealo is costumed in a special uniform of electric purple, yellow, orange, white, and all shades of blue. He has a detachable cape and the uniform allows for his changing of size and extra arms and legs.

Camilealo has 3 eyes, 6 legs, and a mouth on a snout that extends from his forehead.

He has his super powers and unique physical appearance because he was born one cold night on a highway on the planet Pluto.

Artwork by Rachel Decareau