SPINNER & GHOSTLY by Sebastian, age 11

SPINNER & GHOSTLY are an alien-ghost duo whose cookie-stealing ways brought them together.

Do you have any powers? If so, how did you get them? Spinner: I can cut copper in less than a second. I have mind control and camouflage, and I can fly. Ghostly: I disappear and fly through walls. I have mind control and camouflage, and I can fly, too.

How did you guys meet?  We met in daycare while stealing other kids’ cookies and their closet spot. We saw a kid with the biggest chocolate chip cookie, and we didn’t ask because the kid was in kindergarten.

Tell us what you’re wearing. Spinner: I have claws, and I wear red/black. Ghostly: I have a sensor. My clothes are multicolored. And I wear goggles.

Do you have a secret identity? No.

How many crimes have you committed? 380 crimes in one year: robbing diamonds, gold, food (cookies). We also robbed banks and pipes.

Do you have any henchmen? Yes. Aliens and zombies, an older brother, and a henchmen group named Zombie Squad.

Do you have a nemesis? Not yet.

Do you have a command center or evil lair? If so, where is it? Yes. In the sewer, and in water pipes.

Artwork by JP Morales