SPEEDY GIRL (TIANA) by Tracy, age 7

Tiana likes art and is good at it. She has five nerdy friends. She is shy and wears a lot of makeup. She dresses normal.

Tiana’s mom had the power to see into her body and saw that Tiana had the mark of a superhero. The mark in her body listed the powers she had: super strength, super speed and super mind-reading. When her mom saw the mark with all her powers she was happy because her mom was a superhero too.

The first time Speedy Girl used her super speed, she raced the bully at school. Everyone was so surprised because she ran so fast! Speedy Girl can run a 99 mile marathon in two seconds.

Tiana’s parents talked her into being Speedy Girl. She practiced her powers on her parents. Her nerdy friends became superheroes too.

Artwork by Gabriella D'Alessandro