SUPER MELTO by Audrey, Age 6

Super Melto is the alter-ego of George Boring, who poses as a snowplow operator and ski resort employee by day.  He works mainly as a local superhero, concentrating on patrolling the mountains and snowier areas of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin region.  He lives simply in a small cottage, but a trapdoor located in a hut near his house reveals an advanced and high-tech underground superhero headquarters.

Super Melto’s main power source is in his eyes.  He is able to harness heat energy in them and blast it out onto the snow, rapidly melting it.  The skill is most frequently utilized when rescuing skiers and hikers buried in avalanches.  This snowy phenomenon is Super Melto’s #1 cause that he fights against.  One of his superhero mottos is “Never yell in the mountains,” as sonic waves from loud noises echoing in the snowy mountains can often lead to devastating avalanches.

In addition to his heat vision, Super Melto works with his canine sidekick, affectionately called Super Finder (or simply Finder when posing as a mild-mannered pet).  Super Finder is a young chocolate Labrador with extraordinary digging abilities that supplements Super Melto’s heat vision.  He is also able to sniff out buried victims.  In Super Melto’s underground superhero HQ, he is equipped with an iMac that has a special dog-translating program that allows him and Super Finder to communicate (a special iPod is also used for this purpose).

Super Melto’s accessories and tools are just as vital as his powers and sidekick.  He is regularly seen wearing his trademark white-and-blue striped suit.  He also wears ski goggles for harnessing and controlling his laser vision and rides around in a snowmobile with a convenient sidecar for Super Finder.  Also, Super Melto’s civilian job as a snow-plow operator puts him on the cutting edge of shovel technology, and he is often seen carrying and using the ShovelMax – the latest and greatest shovel on the market today.  Another credo that Super Melto swears by is “Never work with an old shovel.”

Many years ago, it was in fact an avalanche that rendered Super Melto’s powers.  He was completely buried in one, with no means to escape, and the fear and anxiety of pending doom released Super Melto’s powers from within.  He quickly blasted himself out and emerged as Super Melto, knowing that he must use his powers only for the good of mankind who skis.

Super Melto’s primary nemesis is a rockstar drummer named Evil Rocky, who is constantly playing his drums loudly in the mountains to create large avalanches.  Rocky is often assisted by his brother Knocky, who knocks against the mountainsides to stir up further trouble.

Artwork by Chris Yip