THE TRANSPORTER by Donal, age 6

The TRANSPORTER is a super-smart, ex-scientist cyborg. If you live in Brooklyn, beware...

Do you have any powers? I am supersmart. I build robots, I walk, poison, float, levitate, and my special power is transporting.

How did you become a villain? I used to be a scientist. At age 20, I was abducted by evil scientists after they kidnapped my family and threw them into a portal and time machine. People put me in a tank to give me superhero powers, but I didn’t want them—I wanted to be normal. So I got very angry (times 100!), ripped off my wires and broke the glass. I ran away and jumped into a hole and found myself in an evil lair. The villains there helped me become what I became—A VILLAIN.

What are you wearing? A business suit and a face mask with eye holes and a big red circle.

Do you have a secret identity? I’m always a supervillain. I always wear this mask.

What’s your crime count? 4,050. I rob banks, kill police, and fight superheroes. My objective is REVENGE.

Which is your favorite crime? When I steal cookies from bakeries.

Do you have any henchmen? Robots—4,000 million.

Who is your biggest nemesis? Batman.

Do you have a command center or evil lair? If so, where is it? Yes—Mt. Everest, but I mainly terrorize Brooklyn, NY.

Artwork by Julia Hermannsdottir