SHOW & TELL by Alyse Emdur

"Show and Tell” is a five part documentary series featuring children participating in the time-honored American educational exercise in first grade classrooms across the nation.

The direct intimacy children express in “Show and Tell” is humorously entertaining and endearing. As an early public speaking experience, “Show and Tell” invites us into their inner world at a moment of self-conscious performance. Their reflections on attachments to objects—often gifts—reveal how children grapple with life's complexities—divorce and death, senses of accomplishment, sharing, and gratitude. Their innocent and imaginative natures invite viewers to reminisce on their own American childhood.

At its core, “Show and Tell” invites an examination of the subject-object relationship. The objects presented are inscribed with civilization. Their toys represent cultural icons and, by extension, social conditioning.

The five part series was filmed in Bellmawr, New Jerssey, Delray Beach, Florida, Anacortes, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Baltimore, Maryland. Total running time 41 minutes 62 seconds